Sunday, April 17, 2011

Buying a House to Build a Vardo?


With no where I can build my vardo at the rent house that I'm currently living in, I decided to call my realtor that originally found me my rent house and ask her if a) I could get another rent house closer to my work, and b) one where the land lord wouldn't mind if I worked on my vardo.

What I found as I looked into the realtor's website was a house, on the market for three days. For well basically I could buy it on my credit card.

Now I have been living in a rent house that is brown. SO brown I am getting depressed, with a ceiling so low that I can jump up and hit it with my hand. That i dust the ceiling fan without a chair. And don't get me started on the bathroom. There will be more about this in a minute. And the road out front is dirt and the train goes by every evening at 1am and is less than fifty yards from the house. 
What I found as I looked into the realtor's website for any rental houses was a house for sale. On the market for three days. The house for sale looks no worst than the one I currently am renting for skads of money, or the other one before this one that had not heat or air and the toilet burped every time you ran the washing machine. So why not use my money for a place of my own that I could work on my VARDO in peace. and save the rent money for other things. As long as it has electricity and working plumbing, I can deal with it. Plus this place has a picture of a better bathroom. I'm sorry but I have had three bad bathrooms in a row I want something I could take a BATH in. 

Downsides: It's on the main drag into town and has a auto repair place next to it.
Plus sides: I won't be there during the day and  it will have lots of traffic for the cats to watch out the windows.

This could mean that within in 24 hours I'll have a new house. It has a way better bathroom than this place. Is closer to work and I could bike saving gas money and I could then rent it out later, if i get another job, this is a college town with little or no rent houses for those trying to go to school here. If you can't get in the dorms you can't go to school.  


I've put a call into the realtor and she should get back to me tomorrow. (Monday.)

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